Falke is an advanced metal detector for professionals, which combines all the specifications and characteristics needed by treasure hunters, and gold seekers in one device, The Falke metal detector operating by advanced detection systems that give you high performance in achieving amazing results and reaching great depths that you could not reach before, with accurate discrimination of targets while giving the identity of the target and the feature of detecting ground anomalies to detect cavity.

This machine has exceeded all field and scientific tests, as it has proven its worth as the best metal detector for hunting deep treasure caches and caves as well. It contains many modern functions that make it your ideal choice without competition.

Note: The Falke is equipped with 2 advanced DD search coils:

DD 33 cm Search coil: specialized to searching for Small and medium targets at unprecedented depths, operating frequency 20 kHz, DD 45 cm Search coil: specialized to searching and finding a medium and large targets with high concentration, achieved results and competitive depths, operating frequency of 14.5 kHz.


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Multilingual and supports Arabic


Precious metals, gold and treasures, caves and voids



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5.000 $

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