We offer our valued customers the latest electromagnetic sound system metal detectors. The sound devices for metal detection differ among themselves with the strength of the depth of the device and the accuracy of distinguishing between metals. And produced in factories in America and Europe


1.900 $
The Tropic detector has the advantage of absolute and accurate discrimination between the types of underground targets and showing its type and identity, and Tropic has been provided with several detection systems.
You can find all this and more in this smart device that allows you to scan quickly and easily with multilingual interfaces and great flexibility in use.
The all-new Tropic device from AJAX, which is equipped with the advanced discrimination system. Finding gold is now easier than ever. Find gold nuggets, precious metals and burials with unparalleled ease.
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5.000 $
Falke is an advanced metal detector for professionals, which combines all the specifications and characteristics needed by treasure hunters, and gold seekers in one device, The Falke metal detector operating by advanced detection systems that give you high performance in achieving amazing results and reaching great depths that you could not reach before, with accurate discrimination of targets while giving the identity of the target and the feature of detecting ground anomalies to detect cavity.
This machine has exceeded all field and scientific tests, as it has proven its worth as the best metal detector for hunting deep treasure caches and caves as well. It contains many modern functions that make it your ideal choice without competition.
Note: The Falke is equipped with 2 advanced DD search coils:
DD 33 cm Search coil: specialized to searching for Small and medium targets at unprecedented depths, operating frequency 20 kHz, DD 45 cm Search coil: specialized to searching and finding a medium and large targets with high concentration, achieved results and competitive depths, operating frequency of 14.5 kHz.
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Invenio Pro

7.750 $
The Invenio Pro device, a gold and metal detector with an audio and imaging system, represents one of the most dramatic developments in metal detection technology since traditional metal detectors first appeared on the market in the 1930s. It introduced many new features in the field of gold detector technology.
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4.200 $
Gold: big or small get it all with Axiom, Advanced pulse timings provide enhanced sensitivity and complete versality in the most extreme mineralized soils and in salt water. Choose from four settings, each ideally engineered for finding all types of gold, from largest nuggets to sub-gram pickers.
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MF 1500 Smart

4.700 $
MF 1500 smart gold detector for detecting metals, diamonds and water. The device works on scientific techniques of an advanced and unique electronic and programming nature. It is a device with multiple detection and prospecting systems. It works with high-precision and high-performance frequency waves capable of penetrating the ground up to a depth of 40 meters. meters, and the ability to detect and spread far forward up to 2 km, and a water detection depth of up to 450 metres.
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Impact Pro

1.500 $
Uncover deep hidden treasures with the new IMPACT Multi Frequency Metal Detector by Nokta! The IMPACT combines multiple detectors in one and utilizes cutting edge technology.
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Garrett ATX

2.130 $
Garrett ATX is a gold and metal detector, a modern American device specialized in detecting raw gold and gold veins to good depths in addition to ease of use. Get it now with a guarantee at the best competitive prices. Garrett is the oldest brand in the world of gold detectors.
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Garrett AT Gold

1.230 $
Garrett AT Gold is a gold and metal detector, a modern and advanced device made in America and specialized in detecting raw gold of all kinds in addition to ease of use. Get it now with a guarantee at the best price ever. Garrett is the oldest brand in the world of gold detectors
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AT Max

1.500 $
Garrett AT MAX is our most versatile and advanced all-terrain VLF metal detector. With increased detection depth, built-in Z-Lynk Wireless Technology, and many other improvements.
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ACE 400

1.095 $
Garrett Ace 400 is an American gold and metal detector, it is not just a traditional metal detector, but rather a device that has new technologies and features to keep pace with modern prospecting and exploration operations, in addition to the distinctive design that makes its use easy and comfortable.
Garrett is the oldest brand in the world of gold detectors.
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ACE Apex

900 $
Garrett Ace Apex is a new innovative metal detector with new Garrett’s Multi-Flex technology a multi-frequency feature introduced in Nokta Impact and Minelab Vanquish, but with best performance and sensitivity.
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Tekneticks T2

710 $
This device has a high professionalism of the detection of gold nugget and precious metals Made in USA discovers depths of up to 1 meters , get it now with two years warranty.
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Teknetics G2

575 $
This device has a high professionalism of the detection of gold nugget and precious metals Made in USA discovers depths of up to 1 meters , get it now with two years warranty.
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GF 650

740 $
GF 650, a modern and advanced gold and metal detection device offered by MWF This device is designed for efficient exploration and prospecting of gold nugget and metal coins, all at an economical price that is accessible to everyone. Its remarkable specifications make it a product not to be underestimated, and it proudly stands as the first device produced through our company’s branch in Singapore.
The GF 650 is equipped with two different-sized search coils, providing users with a wide range of options for detecting extremely small, medium, and large targets. Its key features include a lightweight design, compact size, and user-friendly operation. The device’s high sensitivity towards underground targets, coupled with its precise discrimination capability, sets it apart from others in the market. Furthermore, it comes with a high-resolution display that clearly shows the settings, adjustments, and results, along with multiple search modes that can be tailored to suit individual needs.
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GPZ 7000

7.000 $
The original gpz 7000 gold detector. This device is considered a qualitative leap in the world of gold prospecting. The gpz 7000 is the best audio device in the world and will move the stage of gold prospecting to its golden age. The search disc is waterproof, meaning it gives ease of searching in all wet environments without What suffering.
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Jeo Hunter

2.950 $
Jeohunter 3D Dual System is designed and manufactured using the latest technologies. This system is the World’s most advanced detector for locating precious metals and detecting hidden cavities.
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Deep Hunter Pro

4.640 $
A device that combines research surface and deep search at the same time, and the latest imaging technology to find gold and minerals with 3D system to 5 meters as a depth.
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Fisher 75 Black

1.620 $
Fisher 75 Black is a gold, metal and old coin detector, specialized in detecting golden targets. It works with an audio system as it is considered a developed electromagnetic device that combines sound and vision and detects to an actual depth of up to 1.5 metres.
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Fisher 75 Gold

955 $
This device is specialist to detect golden targets and working with sound system so that is considered an electromagnetic device combines sound and vision as to discover the actual depth of up to 1 meters.
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Fisher Gold Bug

710 $
Fisher Gold Bug A specialist detects gold nugget and ancient coins. It operates two systems: general system for all metals and the system of private discrimination detects only gold to a depth of up to 1 meter.
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Fisher Gold Bug 2

1.000 $
Fisher Gold Bug 2 A specialist detects gold nugget and ancient coins. It operates two systems: general system for all metals and the system of private discrimination detects only gold to a depth of up to 1.20 meter.
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Quest X10 Pro

600 $
Supports the Quest X10 Pro gold detector High search and recovery speed, and it is waterproof, which provides dynamism in searching and prospecting for minerals.
This device was designed in a modern way, and its research dishes were made in an excellent way, making it light in weight and therefore stronger in durability, which gives it a longer lifespan.
The X series metal detectors are lightweight and balanced in design thanks to the T-style shaft and handle.
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Quest X5

450 $
The all-new Quest X5 gold detector comes with everything you need to get a good start in searching and prospecting for treasures. This device is very easy to use and install, so you can assemble it in just 10 minutes.
This device is equipped with a potential target identification feature, so that the device detects targets through numbers from 1 to 99, for example: iron comes with a low number of 20, for example, while gold and bronze have numbers between 40 and 60, while silver and other metals are from 80 to 99.
This device is considered one of the easiest and lightest devices for prospecting for gold and minerals and is very suitable for researchers and prospectors of ancient coins.
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Quest Pro

950 $
The Quest Pro Waterproof Gold and Metal Detector is a lightweight, comfortable, high-performance metal detector.
The Quest Pro Metal Detector comes equipped with an 11x9-inch Turbo D search coil that provides the best possible performance in highly mineralized soil and salty beach hunting conditions, allowing it to be used in water and on land.
This device is packed with useful features such as a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, a backlit LCD display, and a built-in flashlight for low-light conditions.
It features multiple frequencies, a water-resistant depth of up to 6 meters/20 feet, and built-in Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone to track and plan your tasks with the free QuestGo app.
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Quest Q30

750 $
Q30 advanced metal detector to detecting gold, metal and coins, equipped with international standards, to give a greater opportunity to find precious targets underground and underwater as well.
The Q30 is equipped with microprocessors and program exclusive by Quest to obtain the highest possible speed and accuracy of results, Q30 metal detector comes with the 11″x9″ TurboD RaptorX Waterproof coil that provides the best possible performance in highly mineralized soils and salty beach hunting conditions.
The Q30 is impressive for its simple and easy operation and it is the ideal companion for novice and advanced users, a device with perfect features that accurately identifies the metal and distinguishes between targets, and iron can be isolated as well, It is equipped with the built-in vibration feature, which gives a perfect impression when searching in the water and when the screen is not clear, waterproof Metal Detector, it can work in rivers and has the wonderful ability to work in soils with high mineral content, as it has the feature of precise and automatic adjustment to give you satisfactory and fast results.
This device is available in two versions: 1- The Q30 (Basic Edition), 2- And Q30+ version with wireless headphones.
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Quest Q60

1.250 $
All New” Q60, a professional-level of metal detector and multi-frequency, with an smart operating system, to detect gold, metal and buried treasures, waterproof Metal Detector that can be used on the ground and underwater, it can dive up to 5 meters under the surface of the water.
Q60 is a metal detector with great characteristics, it is considered the ideal device to start successful treasure hunting trips, it can distinguish between metal type with the property of rejecting iron metal, or especially ignore specific targets that you can identify.
Equipped with a Bluetooth system, compatible with smart phone and GPS, it can be linked with a smartphone to save and track the path of your expedition.
With wireless headphones and other waterproof headphones as well.
It comes with a 13″X 9″ waterproof search coil, and unaffected of highly mineralized soil, Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, it can work for 18 working hours with an advanced charging system.
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QZ 80

2.700 $
QZ80 Advanced Level of Gold and Metal Detector, One of the most important and strongest scientific research and inventions in the 21st century, the MWF Group and its German research centre, Vogel Technology, have adopted a new pattern in the development of metal detectors with a new and different perspective that serves explorers, prospectors and hobbyists alike, It developed this wonderful device and provided it with all the characteristics and specifications that make It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a gold and metal detector that is easy to use, accurate in results and small in size, and characterized by a modern and advanced design where all parts of the device can be separated from each other, This device allows its users to complete quick and successful detection and search operations, It can discrimination between targets, isolate non-valuable targets, and many, many other characteristics.
This device has passed all field and scientific tests, proving its worth as the best metal detector for hunting deep treasures and caves as well. It contains many modern functions that make it your best choice without competition.
Note: The QZ 80 is equipped with two advanced DD search coils:
DD 20 cm Search coil: specialized to searching for small targets and nuggets of raw gold and coins at unprecedented depths, operating frequency 20 kHz ، DD 33 cm Search coil: specialized to searching and finding a medium and large targets with high concentration, achieved results and competitive depths, operating frequency of 14.5 kHz.
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Lorenz Z2

8.000 $
Our aim at Lorenz: to build a most compact and powerful metal detecting machine.The LORENZ DEEPMAX Z2 series detectors are some of the newest developments in the field of Pulse GBS metal detectors made in Germany. It is probably one of the most sensitive and stable metal detecting devices of its kind presently available.
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Gold Monster 1000

900 $
The Gold Monster 1000 device has the advantage of being fully automated and comes with options of multiple search dishes, in addition to a battery and adjustable or replaceable carrying sticks. If you are looking for a highly sensitive metal detector machine to detect gold at a very good price, this is the device you have been waiting for.
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Eureka Gold

615 $
Eureka Gold is a device that detects raw gold and all metals. The device works with Minelab three-frequency technology, which makes the searching process easier and gives you a maximum depth of 6.4 kilohertz, and 20 kilohertz for general searching, the best gold detectors.
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GPX 4500

3.000 $
A specialist device to detect all kinds of gold with the subtle distinctions between them also is easy to use to depths of up to 1 meter. Get the original now with two years warranty.
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GPX 5000

4.000 $
The GPX 5000 raw gold and all-metal detector is a gold detector for depths of up to 1.2 meter, with the best specifications and features ever. Get it now with two search plates at the best price ever.
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MF 60

150 $
A new waterproof metal detector from MWF Company. The MF POINTER device (MF 60) is a portable waterproof point metal detector with a modern and distinctive design, small in size and easy to use. The MF-60 device is designed for use in conjunction with professional metal detectors to reach very small targets. It is accurate and can also be used alone to find superficial targets and lost items.
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MF 90

380 $
MF90 Locator and Multi-Coil Metal Detector, Because MWF is always seeking to meet the demands of explorers, adventurers, and even divers exploring the depths of the seas and oceans, the Multi pinpointer (MF-90) was produced, a portable and waterproof metal detector with multiple uses and tasks.
MF90 multi-coil metal detector is a very advanced model and an unprecedented product and the first of its kind among metal detectors with precise identification, it is characterized by strength, solidity, and high-water resistance, and it can be submerged to a depth of 60 meters under the water, it has an IP-86 standing.
Multiple search coils, equipped with three high-quality search coils with great sensitivity, giving you accurate results in all types of searches.
Modern and distinctive design, small in size and easy to use, the MF-90 is designed to be with you everywhere and in all circumstances through its great features and coils of different sizes.
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Scuba Tector

327 $
Scuba Tector Metal Detector features pulse induction (PI) technology and a 5×4” mono coil, allowing for high levels of sensitivity and penetration depth not found in other models.
The Quest Scuba Tector also enables you to search underwater up to 200 feet (60 meters) with its submersible waterproof housing.
The underwater design is great for finding underwater historical relics, rings, gold bracelets and more!
Even with its subaquatic searching technological capabilities, the Scuba Tector remains functional and lightweight, The easy-to-hold body of the Scuba Tector offers hunters stability and comfort while detecting.
Featuring a industry first “Dive Mode”, users hold the two buttons for 2 seconds on the Scuba Tector for function while underwater.
A red light will flash five times and vibration will begin. Quickly depress the Mode button 3 times to switch back to shallow water hunting mode.
If you are a detectorist that hunts both on dry land and underwater, the Quest Scuba Tector Metal Detector will be a great addition!
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Pro Pointer AT

250 $
Fully Waterproof to 20 feet with orange color for added visibility underwater, Fast Retune: Quick button press instantly tunes out the environment or narrows your detection field for precise pinpointing of large targets.
includes a woven belt holster and a 9-volt battery, LED flashlight for low light uses, Ruler in Inches and Centimeters molded into the side of pinpointer to judge target depth.
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Pulse Dive

300 $
Discover a new world underwater with the PulseDive device, which combines the benefits of advanced metal detecting technology with low cost and compact size.
This device is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for underwater use without hassle. Additionally, it provides you with audio alerts, LED light, and vibration, making the detection process easy and efficient even in challenging conditions.
Get your PulseDive device today and enjoy an exciting exploration experience underwater at the lowest cost and smallest size.
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