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1.900 $
The Tropic detector has the advantage of absolute and accurate discrimination between the types of underground targets and showing its type and identity, and Tropic has been provided with several detection systems.
You can find all this and more in this smart device that allows you to scan quickly and easily with multilingual interfaces and great flexibility in use.
The all-new Tropic device from AJAX, which is equipped with the advanced discrimination system. Finding gold is now easier than ever. Find gold nuggets, precious metals and burials with unparalleled ease.
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6.300 $
Ajax Gamma is an underground imaging device that detects gold, metals and voids. The Gamma device has the latest advanced systems for detecting and surveying the ground for treasures and burials. This device works on modern technologies with a high technological level that introduces new concepts and dimensions in the world of gold detectors for ground imaging, reaching the depth of research. 30 meters underground.
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3.900 $
The consideration of efficiency goes far beyond the depth concept, TROY Inspired By The Future.
By using the Troy device, you will perform accurate scans of the target’s shape, size, type and depth with absolute speed and ease.
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3.500 $
Alpha gold, treasure and metal detector from Ajax, for detecting diamonds and precious stones. You are all waiting for this device, as it is the first long-range sensor detection device in the world. It deserved this title after the necessary experiments were conducted on it for the most famous treasure hunters in America, Europe and Asia as well from long distances of up to 2850 meters and to great depths of up to 50 metres.
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6.400 $
The Iota long-range gold and treasure detector is a device with an integrated system for detecting treasures from long distances. This device works on an ionic detection system to locate gold and treasures buried underground to great depths of up to 20 meters and a forward detection distance of up to 200 metres. You can use This device is inside the car.
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10.200 $
The Ajax Primero device is the best gold detector in the world from the American Ajax. It is the first detector in the world and the integrated device that meets all the needs of prospectors for gold, treasures and treasures, precious stones and diamonds, groundwater and artesian wells.
It is truly a new scientific revolution that provides you with everything you need in search and exploration operations, including advanced, accurate and highly effective detection systems and innovative research methods. It contains 9 systems, at great depths of up to 50 meters, and a search area of 2850 meters.
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5.000 $
Falke is an advanced metal detector for professionals, which combines all the specifications and characteristics needed by treasure hunters, and gold seekers in one device, The Falke metal detector operating by advanced detection systems that give you high performance in achieving amazing results and reaching great depths that you could not reach before, with accurate discrimination of targets while giving the identity of the target and the feature of detecting ground anomalies to detect cavity.
This machine has exceeded all field and scientific tests, as it has proven its worth as the best metal detector for hunting deep treasure caches and caves as well. It contains many modern functions that make it your ideal choice without competition.
Note: The Falke is equipped with 2 advanced DD search coils:
DD 33 cm Search coil: specialized to searching for Small and medium targets at unprecedented depths, operating frequency 20 kHz, DD 45 cm Search coil: specialized to searching and finding a medium and large targets with high concentration, achieved results and competitive depths, operating frequency of 14.5 kHz.
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Gold Step Pro Max

5.600 $
The most famous device in the world and the most widely used by prospectors for gold and precious metals underground, the gold step device, the previous version, has always been the master of long-range, most efficient and flexible detectors in detecting everything that is valuable in the ground for the past 7 years, Through this successful scientific model, many prospectors and explorers around the world were able to reach their targets and achieve their will. Therefore, we are now putting in your hands the gold step pro max 2022, the completely new version, with new technologies and additions represented by newly invented technical means in our scientific laboratories.
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BR 100 Pro

3.550 $
The BR 100 Pro, the new version, is a new technology that combines detection systems from long distances and vertical detection of targets. This device is a very convenient option, We have developed this device and manufactured it in a way that makes it one of the most important reagents used among researchers and prospectors for treasures buried underground.
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BR 50 Tareget Max

2.550 $
The new BR 50 TARGET MAX device is a new technology integrated between the long-range radar system and the newly developed ionic detection system at BR Systems. Guiding you to the locations of the targets and verifying them completely, this device meets that with a great detection speed.
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BR 20 Pro

2.000 $
This mini device detects gold and treasures from long distances through the newly developed long range locator system at BR Systems, When you turn on this device and choose the metal to be detected, the device will start directing you towards the detected targets in the area, through the front sensor guidance feature in the device, which is integrated with the technology of visible radar signals on the screen, in addition to the audio signal until it reaches you to the target center.
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Royal Analyzer Pro 6000

7.000 $
Start your prospect journey with the new Royal Analyzer PRO 6000, with the professional 3D ground scan system and the live scan system, is now released and available upon request, with the most advanced technology to detect gold, precious metals, raw metals, voids, caves, underground utilities and more.
The all new Royal Analyzer PRO 6000 was modified and improved to obtain the best overall, with the two vertical sensors supporting wide signal range affection to cover a big area of four square meters and up to 35 meters deep.
The high sensitivity sensors and high voltage power bank ensure full signal capacity is released. Your target will be found with no doubt.
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BR 800 P

7.300 $
The BR 800 P detector for gold, precious metals, diamonds and groundwater, the latest American device for detecting gold, treasures, precious stones, burials and groundwater to a depth of 50 meters and a front scan of 2000 meters, American made with a 3-year warranty.
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Invenio Pro

7.750 $
The Invenio Pro device, a gold and metal detector with an audio and imaging system, represents one of the most dramatic developments in metal detection technology since traditional metal detectors first appeared on the market in the 1930s. It introduced many new features in the field of gold detector technology.
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FG 90

7.400 $
Device with high ability to distinguish gold targets and minerals and with a long range of up to 35 meters and a depth of 2,000 meters, from world’s best Brazilian factories.
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MF 1200 Active

4.000 $
MF 1200 Active is a device for detecting gold, silver, copper, bronze, diamonds, emeralds, meteorites, precious stones, gems, voids and groundwater. The MF 1200 Active device is a development of the MF 1200 SMART device, as it has been completely updated and developed. Transmission and reception systems, equipped with more than one remote sensing system to search and detect targets, in addition to the ionic identification and confirmation system, in addition to modern multi-language smart software and a color display screen.
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MF 1500 Smart

4.700 $
MF 1500 smart gold detector for detecting metals, diamonds and water. The device works on scientific techniques of an advanced and unique electronic and programming nature. It is a device with multiple detection and prospecting systems. It works with high-precision and high-performance frequency waves capable of penetrating the ground up to a depth of 40 meters. meters, and the ability to detect and spread far forward up to 2 km, and a water detection depth of up to 450 metres.
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MF 9700 Q

9.900 $
A device for detecting gold, precious metals, diamonds and water. The MWF Group, after diligence and research lasting several years, produced the MF 9700Q five-system device, a device with significant technical specifications. This device is supported by the latest modern scientific systems, which our group has developed in several stages. To reach the best that others have achieved and to leave a new mark in the world of detection and ground surveying.
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TF Mini

890 $
Global surprise, It’s time to get rid of complex and heavy devices and move on to new detection technologies, TF MINI Precious metal detector wrist watch with built-in nano technology, to reach your treasure and fulfill your dream.
Because MWF always seeks to develop and provide a distinctive and effective product and is concerned with the requirements of explorers and adventurers who love searching for treasures all over the world.
TF MINI device works WITH built-in radar detection system to detect and search for radioactive ionization of precious metals buried underground.
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Gold Radar

5.050 $
A device for detecting buried gold and treasures, the Gold Radar device is a new scientific innovation in the world of gold detection devices. The Gold Radar device is the result of many experiments and lengthy studies that lasted for more than three years of research and development. The Gold Radar device works on a built-in radar detection system to detect Searching for radioactive ionization of underground gold.
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Gold Line

2.700 $
The Gold Line device for detecting gold. The advanced Gold Line gold detector is the result of many experiments and lengthy studies that lasted for more than three years. The Gold Line device works on a long-range ionic search system to detect and search for the radioactive ionization of gold metal under the earth.
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4.000 $
The first of its kind and the most recent in the world to detect mineral wealth, precious stones and rarities in the ground, this device works on advanced detection and exploration techniques to detect and search for 33 different elements in the ground of gold, diamonds and mineral ores, this device has been greatly developed and is equipped with superior detection systems The visualization, and many experiments and tests were carried out in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, and achieved impressive successes and was a major reason for extracting tons of precious metals and rare gemstones.
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GF 650

740 $
GF 650, a modern and advanced gold and metal detection device offered by MWF This device is designed for efficient exploration and prospecting of gold nugget and metal coins, all at an economical price that is accessible to everyone. Its remarkable specifications make it a product not to be underestimated, and it proudly stands as the first device produced through our company’s branch in Singapore.
The GF 650 is equipped with two different-sized search coils, providing users with a wide range of options for detecting extremely small, medium, and large targets. Its key features include a lightweight design, compact size, and user-friendly operation. The device’s high sensitivity towards underground targets, coupled with its precise discrimination capability, sets it apart from others in the market. Furthermore, it comes with a high-resolution display that clearly shows the settings, adjustments, and results, along with multiple search modes that can be tailored to suit individual needs.
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GPZ 7000

7.000 $
The original gpz 7000 gold detector. This device is considered a qualitative leap in the world of gold prospecting. The gpz 7000 is the best audio device in the world and will move the stage of gold prospecting to its golden age. The search disc is waterproof, meaning it gives ease of searching in all wet environments without What suffering.
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Jeo Hunter

2.950 $
Jeohunter 3D Dual System is designed and manufactured using the latest technologies. This system is the World’s most advanced detector for locating precious metals and detecting hidden cavities.
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Deep Hunter Pro

4.640 $
A device that combines research surface and deep search at the same time, and the latest imaging technology to find gold and minerals with 3D system to 5 meters as a depth.
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1.700 $
The Spark device from MWF is a gold, silver, bronze and cave detector. The device is characterized by its high accuracy of frequency waves that enable it to detect the locations of underground targets of gold, treasures and voids with extreme accuracy, as the device can determine the locations of targets from a distance of 200 meters. 360 degree front with forward search distance control feature.
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4.900 $
The Sigma device for detecting buried gold, raw gold, precious metals and caves from Ajax is the best metal detector in the world that works on two highly efficient systems for prospecting for gold and metals. With the Sigma device, you can now discover deep targets that you failed to find previously. This device detects that it reaches great depths of up to 8 meters underground.
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2.250 $
A device for detecting gold, treasures and voids, the new and advanced device from the American MWF factory, the latest gold detector devices. The Vigor device has modern features and characteristics that enable it to monitor underground targets with complete accuracy and effectiveness, high sensitivity in the speed of detecting targets, accurate verification of the target’s location, and audio indicators issued to determine a path. The location of the target is one of the most important of these features, in addition to the digital compass on the device screen that shows directions and the direction of the target as well.
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Lorenz Z2

8.000 $
Our aim at Lorenz: to build a most compact and powerful metal detecting machine.The LORENZ DEEPMAX Z2 series detectors are some of the newest developments in the field of Pulse GBS metal detectors made in Germany. It is probably one of the most sensitive and stable metal detecting devices of its kind presently available.
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