MF 90

MF90 Locator and Multi-Coil Metal Detector, Because MWF is always seeking to meet the demands of explorers, adventurers, and even divers exploring the depths of the seas and oceans, the Multi pinpointer (MF-90) was produced, a portable and waterproof metal detector with multiple uses and tasks.

MF90 multi-coil metal detector is a very advanced model and an unprecedented product and the first of its kind among metal detectors with precise identification, it is characterized by strength, solidity, and high-water resistance, and it can be submerged to a depth of 60 meters under the water, it has an IP-86 standing.

Multiple search coils, equipped with three high-quality search coils with great sensitivity, giving you accurate results in all types of searches.

Modern and distinctive design, small in size and easy to use, the MF-90 is designed to be with you everywhere and in all circumstances through its great features and coils of different sizes.


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