Cheapest Gold Detector, Discovering Gold at Minimum Cost: Economical Gold Detectors

The pursuit of gold is an engaging and thrilling hobby. With advancing technology and numerous companies striving to compete by offering various specifications, features, and impressive detection depths in economically viable Gold Detectors, enthusiasts now have access to gold detection tools at lower costs, enabling them to acquire the cheapest Gold Detectors.

BR Detectors Dubai has made available high-quality products sourced from renowned international factories, subjecting these devices to rigorous testing under various conditions to ensure quality and value for the customer's investment. Let's delve into economical Gold Detectors, representing suitable options for beginners or those seeking a cost-effective exploration experience.

BR 20 Pro

2.000 $
This mini device detects gold and treasures from long distances through the newly developed long range locator system at BR Systems, When you turn on this device and choose the metal to be detected, the device will start directing you towards the detected targets in the area, through the front sensor guidance feature in the device, which is integrated with the technology of visible radar signals on the screen, in addition to the audio signal until it reaches you to the target center.
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GF 650

740 $
GF 650, a modern and advanced gold and metal detection device offered by MWF This device is designed for efficient exploration and prospecting of gold nugget and metal coins, all at an economical price that is accessible to everyone. Its remarkable specifications make it a product not to be underestimated, and it proudly stands as the first device produced through our company’s branch in Singapore.
The GF 650 is equipped with two different-sized search coils, providing users with a wide range of options for detecting extremely small, medium, and large targets. Its key features include a lightweight design, compact size, and user-friendly operation. The device’s high sensitivity towards underground targets, coupled with its precise discrimination capability, sets it apart from others in the market. Furthermore, it comes with a high-resolution display that clearly shows the settings, adjustments, and results, along with multiple search modes that can be tailored to suit individual needs.
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TF Mini

890 $
Global surprise, It’s time to get rid of complex and heavy devices and move on to new detection technologies, TF MINI Precious metal detector wrist watch with built-in nano technology, to reach your treasure and fulfill your dream.
Because MWF always seeks to develop and provide a distinctive and effective product and is concerned with the requirements of explorers and adventurers who love searching for treasures all over the world.
TF MINI device works WITH built-in radar detection system to detect and search for radioactive ionization of precious metals buried underground.
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2.250 $
A device for detecting gold, treasures and voids, the new and advanced device from the American MWF factory, the latest gold detector devices. The Vigor device has modern features and characteristics that enable it to monitor underground targets with complete accuracy and effectiveness, high sensitivity in the speed of detecting targets, accurate verification of the target’s location, and audio indicators issued to determine a path. The location of the target is one of the most important of these features, in addition to the digital compass on the device screen that shows directions and the direction of the target as well.
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1.700 $
The Spark device from MWF is a gold, silver, bronze and cave detector. The device is characterized by its high accuracy of frequency waves that enable it to detect the locations of underground targets of gold, treasures and voids with extreme accuracy, as the device can determine the locations of targets from a distance of 200 meters. 360 degree front with forward search distance control feature.
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ACE Apex

900 $
Garrett Ace Apex is a new innovative metal detector with new Garrett’s Multi-Flex technology a multi-frequency feature introduced in Nokta Impact and Minelab Vanquish, but with best performance and sensitivity.
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Garrett AT Gold

1.230 $
Garrett AT Gold is a gold and metal detector, a modern and advanced device made in America and specialized in detecting raw gold of all kinds in addition to ease of use. Get it now with a guarantee at the best price ever. Garrett is the oldest brand in the world of gold detectors
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ACE 400

1.095 $
Garrett Ace 400 is an American gold and metal detector, it is not just a traditional metal detector, but rather a device that has new technologies and features to keep pace with modern prospecting and exploration operations, in addition to the distinctive design that makes its use easy and comfortable.
Garrett is the oldest brand in the world of gold detectors.
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Quest X10 Pro

600 $
Supports the Quest X10 Pro gold detector High search and recovery speed, and it is waterproof, which provides dynamism in searching and prospecting for minerals.
This device was designed in a modern way, and its research dishes were made in an excellent way, making it light in weight and therefore stronger in durability, which gives it a longer lifespan.
The X series metal detectors are lightweight and balanced in design thanks to the T-style shaft and handle.
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Gold Monster 1000

900 $
The Gold Monster 1000 device has the advantage of being fully automated and comes with options of multiple search dishes, in addition to a battery and adjustable or replaceable carrying sticks. If you are looking for a highly sensitive metal detector machine to detect gold at a very good price, this is the device you have been waiting for.
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Eureka Gold

615 $
Eureka Gold is a device that detects raw gold and all metals. The device works with Minelab three-frequency technology, which makes the searching process easier and gives you a maximum depth of 6.4 kilohertz, and 20 kilohertz for general searching, the best gold detectors.
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1. GF-650 Gold Detector by MWF

MWF Group has recently unveiled its latest affordable Gold Detector, the GF-650, designed for detecting and prospecting raw gold and metal currencies at an economical price point accessible to all. Boasting impressive specifications, this device is the first of its kind produced by the company's branch in Singapore. Equipped with two search coils of varying sizes, users are provided with a broad spectrum of options for detecting small, medium, and large targets.

This modern device is characterized by its lightweight construction, compact design, user-friendly interface, and high sensitivity to underground targets. Featuring a high-definition display screen, it provides clear visualization of settings, adjustments, and results, with precise discrimination capabilities among targets. Furthermore, the device offers several customizable search modes tailored to the user's preferences, making it an ideal choice for newcomers venturing into this field.

2. X10 PRO Gold Detector by QUEST

Quest Company has introduced several devices boasting commendable specifications at reasonable prices over the years. Notably, the X10 PRO stands out as one of the most affordable Gold Detectors. This device is distinguished by its user-friendly interface, compact size, and ability to isolate and differentiate metals through various tones. It offers multiple detection modes, including an adjustable custom mode for eliminating undesirable metals, along with pinpointing capabilities for precise target locations.

3. X-TERRA PRO Gold Detector by MINELAB

The brand-new X-TERRA PRO from Minelab offers complete waterproofing up to 5 meters (16 feet) and features like 5 audio modes and a flashlight for enhanced control. With the ability to discriminate between metals individually, it ranks among the most affordable Gold detectors available in the market. These economical Gold detectors offer enthusiasts the opportunity to pursue their hobby at lower costs without compromising on quality or functionality.

4. GOLD MONSTER 1000 Gold Detector by MINELAB

The GOLD MONSTER 1000 is a well-known, affordable Gold Detector designed to detect gold nuggets and veins. This device stands out for its compact size, ease of use, and high sensitivity to small gold particles. Additionally, it has the capability to differentiate and ignore radioactive and volcanic rocks, along with distinguishing between precious and non-precious metals, making it a preferred choice for many gold prospectors at shallow depths.

5. ACE 400 I Gold Detector by GARRETT

GARRETT, one of the oldest companies producing gold and metal detection devices, has introduced the ACE 400 I device for hobbyists and professionals alike, for detecting gold coins, jewelry, and metals. The device can detect and differentiate between metals, with the ability to adjust the frequency range to eliminate unwanted metals. It also offers detection modes to choose from, along with a PIN POINTER feature for pinpointing the excavation point. It's also the cheapest gold and coin detection device offered by this manufacturer.

6. AT GOLD Detector by GARRETT

Garrett introduced the AT GOLD device specifically designed for gold and metal detection in various conditions and soil types. The device is fully waterproof to IP68 standards, allowing it to be used underwater up to 5 meters deep. It features high sensitivity to various target sizes and the ability to distinguish between metals while isolating unwanted metals.


The EUREKA GOLD device is the cheapest device for detecting raw gold, specifically designed to detect gold nuggets and veins. It is characterized by its ease of use, high sensitivity to various sizes of gold particles, and good depth compared to competing devices. It also has the ability to cancel out iron metals to focus only on precious gold metals.

8. ACE APEX Economical Gold Detector by GARRETT

Garrett's ACE APEX device is one of the best devices offered by the American manufacturer Garrett, featuring Multi-Flex frequency capabilities to customize the device for searching for specific target sizes. The device can differentiate and isolate between types of metals through the metal's ID number. It also offers several search modes, such as jewelry mode and coin mode, along with a customizable mode where users can adjust settings for their search needs. The device comes with a 6-inch and 14-inch search coil for increased depth and sensitivity, as well as the feature of pinpointing the excavation point and approximate depth of the target.


In conclusion, we are pleased to announce that our company has carefully analyzed and selected the cheapest Gold Detectors, choosing devices with excellent performance and advanced technology at competitive prices. We are proud to offer economical solutions that meet the needs of many users, providing them with access to gold detection technologies effectively and efficiently without significantly impacting their budget.

Our selection of devices with excellent value reflects our commitment to providing products that meet the expectations and needs of our customers. We trust that these devices will greatly facilitate gold detection operations and achieve satisfactory results. If you are looking for reliable and efficient devices at affordable prices, our selection reflects our commitment to meeting those needs.