BR Detectors Dubai

BR Detectors Dubai

For over twenty-two years, BR Detectors Dubai has been a leading company in the world of trading underground gold, metal, and water detection devices. We pride ourselves on being the exclusive agent for the best global products manufactured to the highest quality and technological standards by renowned factories in the United States of America and Europe.

Through our extensive experience, we offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions that meet our customers' needs in the field of exploration and detection. We don't limit ourselves to providing traditional devices; we also offer the latest technologies in the detection world, from systems capable of remotely monitoring targets to advanced three-dimensional imaging systems, ensuring our customers achieve the best results with precision and high efficiency.

We rely on a wide network of global partners to ensure the provision of high-quality products and excellent services to our customers worldwide.

Our role doesn't stop there; we also provide specialized and distinguished training services to our customers to ensure their optimal use of the devices and equipment we provide. Through a team of experienced professionals, we offer in-depth and comprehensive training courses covering all aspects of device usage and handling.

Additionally, we offer unique after-sales services, including continuous follow-up and outstanding technical support. We ensure our customers are not alone in their exploration and detection journey but are always supported by our specialized team.

As a testament to our commitment to quality and reliability, we offer a comprehensive warranty on all our products to ensure our customers' satisfaction and full confidence in our products and services.

BR Detectors Dubai signifies a commitment to excellence and innovation, always striving to achieve customer satisfaction by providing advanced and reliable solutions in the world of exploration and detection.


The oldest and largest agent in Asia and Africa

Since the establishment of BR Detectors Dubai, we have built strong relationships with most global manufacturing companies in the United States of America and Europe, operating in the manufacture and production of metal and water detection devices. Our company remains the main and best distributor in Asia and Africa for the products of these global companies.

We have built genuine partnerships with these companies, allowing us to provide high-quality products at competitive prices to our customers from various sectors. Thanks to the rich experience we have gained over many years of work in this field, we have been able to develop and improve many detection devices in collaboration with our partners in the United States, Europe, Australia, and beyond.

We strive to enhance these partnerships through mutual visits, exchange of experiences and knowledge, contributing to providing the best technical solutions to explorers and miners worldwide. We always aim to innovate and develop our products to meet the changing market needs and achieve our customers' satisfaction and continuous excellence in this field.

Our values

Our values form the basis by which we measure our success, as we strive to embody the positive evolution that we have adhered to and practiced since the beginning. We pay special attention to being a center that reflects this progress and development by effectively meeting the needs and aspirations of our customers.

We constantly strive to satisfy our customers and provide them with advice using our extensive experience in this field, affirming honesty, integrity, and responsibility in all aspects of our work. We respect cultural diversity and appreciate differences among individuals, treating our customers with respect and appreciation worldwide. These values are the pillars upon which we build our relationships with customers and partners, helping us achieve shared aspirations for progress and success.


Our mission

Here at BR Detectors, we are committed to helping our customers obtain the finest global industries in the field of metal and water detection devices, with honesty and diligence. We always seek to find and provide the best to our customers by leveraging the outstanding technical expertise of our team and our partnerships with the largest companies and factories worldwide in this field.

We have established a solid reputation as a reliable center, always striving to be pioneers and leaders in the trade of metal detection devices. At the same time, we continue to work on developing and upgrading our outstanding services to ensure the best services for all our customers.

Our professional credibility lies in meeting our customers' needs with the highest levels of quality and efficiency and providing innovative solutions that meet their aspirations. We put the customer at the heart of everything we do, striving to achieve their satisfaction and goals with effectiveness and professionalism.


Purchasing and Shipping

Our center provides shipping and delivery services for our products to all cities in the United Arab Emirates, as well as Asian, Arab, European, and African countries, ensuring strict adherence to precise delivery schedules. Shipping and delivery are provided through the largest international shipping companies for fast air freight, which work to facilitate and clear all shipments and deliver them directly to customers. Our priorities include maintaining strict confidentiality for our customers.

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Consultants to answer your inquiries

Technical support

Technical support service during sales and after sales by our specialized consultants.

All devices are original and guaranteed

Manufacturer warranty

All our devices are guaranteed and come with a warranty card up to three years.

An engineering team to solve all problems

Maintenance services

Get free maintenance services during the warranty period when purchasing.

The device is delivered to your door

Shipping to all countries

Wherever you are, you will recieve your device by the fastest and most secure shipping methods.