The best devices for detecting groundwater and wells. BR Detectors Dubai offers you the latest and best devices for detecting groundwater and underground artesian wells with all American and European industries. Our company has worked for 18 years and as an authorized agent to support all prospectors and researchers. And the owners of farms and lands with the latest equipment for exploring water and wells and determining their depths, salinity and momentum, using various specialized sensing and geophysical devices.

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11.900 $
The Ajax Primero device is the best gold detector in the world from the American Ajax. It is the first detector in the world and the integrated device that meets all the needs of prospectors for gold, treasures and treasures, precious stones and diamonds, groundwater and artesian wells. It is truly a new scientific revolution that provides you with everything you need in search and exploration operations, including advanced, accurate and highly effective detection systems and innovative research methods. It contains 9 systems, at great depths of up to 50 meters, and a search area of 2850 meters.
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Hydro Tracker

7.400 $
Finding groundwater has become easier and more reliable, as Hydro Tracker features comprehensive and integrated search systems that give the user confidence and accuracy in results, Hydro Tracker device is equipped with a special unit to purify the signal, measure soil temperature and humidity, and send it to a high-performance data processor that gives the device the ability to complete the search process with accurate results at high speed.
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5.100 $
The Omega device for detecting groundwater and underground artesian wells is the first long range detection device in the world for detecting groundwater and determining its location. If you are a farmer or you work in drilling wells, the Omega device gives you the perfect solution to eliminate the problems of water scarcity and the problems of random drilling. To great depths of up to 500 metres.
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BR 950

2.750 $
This miniature device works to detect groundwater and wells from long distances through the Long Range Locator remote sensing system recently developed by BR Systems. If you are one of those searching for groundwater and artesian wells underground and are looking to acquire a modern and advanced exploratory device in a small and easy size. In use, this device meets that with high detection speed.
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BR 950 Professional

7.600 $
BR 950 Profissional underground water and well detector is the latest scientific device that contains advanced detection and research systems to explore for groundwater locations, wells and groundwater basins, We can say that we now have the best and most accurate advanced scientific device that helps land owners and prospection companies to eliminate water scarcity and work to take an advantage of the groundwater wealth in all regions of the world.
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BR 700 Pro

3.000 $
The BR 700 Pro is a device for detecting groundwater and artesian wells. The BR 700 Pro is the best device in the world for detecting groundwater and underground wells. Determine the location of the water, its depths, and its salinity percentage on an electronic screen that shows all of this. It works with a comprehensive geological survey system and detects water of all types to depths. Up to 700 metres.
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BR 800 P

7.300 $
The BR 800 P detector for gold, precious metals, diamonds and groundwater, the latest American device for detecting gold, treasures, precious stones, burials and groundwater to a depth of 50 meters and a front scan of 2000 meters, American made with a 3-year warranty.
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1.500 $
A device for detecting groundwater and wells. It is distinguished by the Aqua device with its stereoscopic frequency accuracy, which enables it to determine the locations of underground water completely, very precisely, as water locations can be determined from a distance of 200 meters in front of the 360-degree router with the control feature of waiting at a long distance and it does not work and does not reach 200 meters.
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MF 1200 Active

4.000 $
MF 1200 Active is a device for detecting gold, silver, copper, bronze, diamonds, emeralds, meteorites, precious stones, gems, voids and groundwater. The MF 1200 Active device is a development of the MF 1200 SMART device, as it has been completely updated and developed. Transmission and reception systems, equipped with more than one remote sensing system to search and detect targets, in addition to the ionic identification and confirmation system, in addition to modern multi-language smart software and a color display screen.
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MF 1500 Smart

4.700 $
MF 1500 smart gold detector for detecting metals, diamonds and water. The device works on scientific techniques of an advanced and unique electronic and programming nature. It is a device with multiple detection and prospecting systems. It works with high-precision and high-performance frequency waves capable of penetrating the ground up to a depth of 40 meters. meters, and the ability to detect and spread far forward up to 2 km, and a water detection depth of up to 450 metres.
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MF 9700 Q

9.900 $
A device for detecting gold, precious metals, diamonds and water. The MWF Group, after diligence and research lasting several years, produced the MF 9700Q five-system device, a device with significant technical specifications. This device is supported by the latest modern scientific systems, which our group has developed in several stages. To reach the best that others have achieved and to leave a new mark in the world of detection and ground surveying.
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WF 101 Pro

3.250 $
WF 101 B with previous generations that issued of this device, which ranked No, 1 among the long range groundwater detection systems over the passage of 11 years from 2008 until 2019, And now it is coming back to you again WF 101 III with professional version (third generation) to keep the rank device No. 1 in the world’s between advanced detection and search systems and unchallenged.
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WF 202 PRO+

2.760 $
WF 202 PRO This device is a device developer, As it has been completely modernized and developed, the transceiver systems have been developed, equipped with more than one remote sensing system for searching and detecting water, in addition to the ionic identification and confirmation system, in addition to modern multilingual smart software and a color display. The WF 202 PRO + device, specialized in the detection and exploration of water resources, is a multi-detection and identification system with several functions. And fast in all device settings and programs, and seamlessly.
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WF 303 GH

5.180 $
Many farmers and water prospectors are missing an advanced device that saves them the trouble of fatigue and random drilling, and gives them accurate and confirmed results about groundwater for drilling wells. Therefore, the MWF Group, after studies and research lasting for more than 7 years of research, development and experiments, produced the advanced WF 303 GH device with specifications It is unparalleled. It specializes in detecting and prospecting for groundwater up to a depth of 1000 meters and covers a search distance of 2 km. It determines water salinity and type and analyzes soil layers to ensure the presence of metallic rocks, granite and cavities as well, which may hinder the drilling process. By using this device you will You also get a detailed report on water and soil to avoid obstacles and drilling errors. This device is equipped with two integrated systems for searching for groundwater, an electrical geophysical survey and sounding system, and a frequency remote sensing system.
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2.250 $
The new and advanced device for detecting groundwater, the Navi device has modern features and characteristics that enable it to monitor groundwater accurately and effectively, high sensitivity in the speed of target detection and accurate verification of the location of the water and the acoustic indicators issued to determine the path of the target’s location are among the most important of these features in addition to the digital compass On the device screen that shows directions and the direction of the target as well.
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