Gold Step Pro Max

The most famous device in the world and the most widely used by prospectors for gold and precious metals underground, the gold step device, the previous version, has always been the master of long-range, most efficient and flexible detectors in detecting everything that is valuable in the ground for the past 7 years, Through this successful scientific model, many prospectors and explorers around the world were able to reach their targets and achieve their will. Therefore, we are now putting in your hands the gold step pro max 2022, the completely new version, with new technologies and additions represented by newly invented technical means in our scientific laboratories.


Country of Origin


Maximum search depth

50 Meter

Search distance

2000 meters


English, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Turkish


Precious metals, raw gold, gold and treasures, caves and voids, diamonds and gemstones.


Ionic search, long-range sensing, 3D imaging scanning, magnetic scanning, direct scanning, multi-system

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Device price:

5.600 $

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