There is a variety of tools and techniques used by prospectors to detect precious metals. Among these tools, come gold detectors of various types and sizes, where they vary in design, techniques used, and the materials from which they are manufactured. Among these diverse types, American gold detectors have gained a good reputation as reliable and high-precision tools for detecting gold and metals, making them preferred among prospectors and natural resource researchers.

The superiority of American gold detectors in this field is attributed to continuous innovation and investment in research and technological development. These detectors feature advanced technologies that allow for high-precision gold detection in various conditions, whether in rugged terrains, desert environments, or wet areas. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and durable designs, these detectors have the ability to withstand long periods of use without affecting performance.

Technologies of American Gold Detectors

American gold detectors rely on advanced and diverse technologies for gold and metal detection, including

1- Long-Range Sensing Technology

One of the most prominent technologies used in American gold detectors is long-range sensing technology. It is characterized by many advantages that make it preferred among prospectors and natural resource researchers.It provides high accuracy and multiple options for detecting elements, allowing users to identify the locations of these elements from distances of up to 2850 meters in some detectors.

One distinctive feature of this technology, for example, in detectors from BR Systems, is its ability to search for elements not previously existing in the detector, using a frequency generator that allows for generating different signals to detect those elements. Additionally, the intelligent automatic long-range detection system has the ability to detect all available targets in the area, allowing the user to choose the desired target among the detected targets, as offered by Ajax Detectors devices.

2- Three-Dimensional Scanning Technology

Three-dimensional Scanning technology is considered one of the latest technologies used in gold detectors, known for its ability to accurately and detailedly identify and image targets. This technology relies on the use of modern sensing and imaging systems that analyze terrains and geological structures to generate precise images of terrains and various targets beneath the ground surface, aiding in accurately identifying treasure locations and comprehensive data analysis.

American gold detectors were at the forefront when this imaging technology was discovered, leading to global American factories competing to produce imaging detection devices with standard specifications, high-depth analysis tools, and high precision. Famous imaging devices include Ajax Gamma, Royal Analyzer Pro 6000, Ajax Troy, among others.

3. Sound Detection Technology

American gold detectors utilizing sound detection technology offer the advantage of relying on advanced sound technologies for precise gold and other precious metal detection. This type of detector is characterized by ease of use and control, as users can easily distinguish and understand sound signals, making the gold prospecting process more efficient and straightforward.

In addition, American gold detectors with sound detection capabilities provide a variety of features and functions that help improve detector performance, such as adjustable settings and adaptation to surrounding conditions, as well as precise target location selection. One of the best American-made sound detection devices is the Ajax Tropic, distinguished by its quick discrimination system (EFM) capable of high-precision target discrimination and unmatched speed. It also supports full Arabic language and easy result reading on the detector screen. Other examples of American gold detectors include Garrett AT Gold and Fisher 75+.

Top American Gold Detectors

A variety of products are available in the global market, and we have selected the best two detectors based on specifications and features:


11.900 $
The Ajax Primero device is the best gold detector in the world from the American Ajax. It is the first detector in the world and the integrated device that meets all the needs of prospectors for gold, treasures and treasures, precious stones and diamonds, groundwater and artesian wells. It is truly a new scientific revolution that provides you with everything you need in search and exploration operations, including advanced, accurate and highly effective detection systems and innovative research methods. It contains 9 systems, at great depths of up to 50 meters, and a search area of 2850 meters.
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Gold Step Pro Max

5.600 $
The most famous device in the world and the most widely used by prospectors for gold and precious metals underground, the gold step device, the previous version, has always been the master of long-range, most efficient and flexible detectors in detecting everything that is valuable in the ground for the past 7 years, Through this successful scientific model, many prospectors and explorers around the world were able to reach their targets and achieve their will. Therefore, we are now putting in your hands the gold step pro max 2022, the completely new version, with new technologies and additions represented by newly invented technical means in our scientific laboratories.
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1. Ajax Primero

The American company Ajax is one of the leading players and pioneers in manufacturing gold detection devices. In 2019, Ajax introduced its latest professional gold and metal detection device, the Primero. The Primero device is a pioneering development in gold detection technology, utilizing advanced and effective techniques that enable precise detection of various targets.

The Primero device offers 9 advanced detection systems that enable users to explore a variety of targets, including gold, gemstones, groundwater, and more. Additionally, the device has a detection range of up to 2850 meters, allowing for efficient coverage of large areas, as well as the ability to detect targets up to 50 meters deep underground.

With these unique specifications and advanced capabilities, the Primero device is considered among the best devices available in the market for gold and metal detection. It is an ideal choice for professional users seeking superior performance and high accuracy in treasure detection beneath the surface.

2. Gold Step Pro Max

The American company BR Systems is among the leading players in the gold and metal detection device market since 2005. This company started its journey in Arizona, USA, and has reached a global level due to its continuous development and high product quality.

In 2021, the company introduced its latest product, the Gold Step Pro Max Detector, which is considered a pioneering development in gold and metal detection technology. This device features five advanced detection systems, including the sensory system, three-dimensional detection system, and magnetic detection system.

With these advanced technologies, the Gold Step Pro Max Detector can reach a detection range of up to 2000 meters, allowing users to efficiently cover large areas. It can also detect targets up to 50 meters deep underground, making it suitable for professional operations and high-precision treasure hunting.

Using American Gold Detectors

Using gold detectors requires skill and experience in handling them because gold detection processes are affected by several factors, including environmental and terrain conditions in the search area. For example, heavy rainfall can affect the composition of the ground and change its characteristics, making it difficult for the detector to accurately detect gold.

Additionally, users must be familiar with the surrounding terrain and geological materials in the area, as other minerals may be abundant, causing confusion in the detector signals, requiring skill in distinguishing different signals.

Moreover, users must be able to accurately read the signals and indicators provided by the devices. Many devices provide auditory or visual signals indicating the presence of gold, requiring practice and training to understand and interpret those signals correctly.

Therefore, using gold detectors is not just a matter of purchasing the device and using it, but it requires skill, experience, and a deep understanding of the conditions and factors affecting the detection process. It is important for the user to be fully aware of the equipment they are using, how to use it, and effective continuous training to ensure the best results in the gold search process.

American gold detectors are important and effective tools in the gold prospecting process, characterized by advanced technologies and high precision in detection, making them a popular choice among gold prospectors worldwide.