WF 303 GH

Many farmers and water prospectors are missing an advanced device that saves them the trouble of fatigue and random drilling, and gives them accurate and confirmed results about groundwater for drilling wells. Therefore, the MWF Group, after studies and research lasting for more than 7 years of research, development and experiments, produced the advanced WF 303 GH device with specifications It is unparalleled. It specializes in detecting and prospecting for groundwater up to a depth of 1000 meters and covers a search distance of 2 km. It determines water salinity and type and analyzes soil layers to ensure the presence of metallic rocks, granite and cavities as well, which may hinder the drilling process. By using this device you will You also get a detailed report on water and soil to avoid obstacles and drilling errors. This device is equipped with two integrated systems for searching for groundwater, an electrical geophysical survey and sounding system, and a frequency remote sensing system.


Country of Origin


Maximum search depth

1000 meters

Search distance

2000 meters




Long range, geophysical, multi-system

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