The latest diamond and Gemstones detectors

To all prospectors and seekers of diamond and gem detection devices now in your hands, we offer you the latest underground diamond, gemstone, emerald and sapphire detection devices, and we are always working to provide and present the most accurate and efficient detection devices in the field of diamond exploration with all its sensor systems and imaging, you will find the best diamond and gemstone detector for your search by reviewing the details of the following devices

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This device works on a new techniques and modern electronic foundations that offer new concepts and dimensions in the world of ground imaging devices.

Targets Gold, metals, treasures and voids Systems Gradio smart system, Live scan system and 3D ground scanner system
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Gold Step Pro Max

The most famous device in the world and the most widely used by prospectors for gold and precious metals underground, the gold step device, the previous version, has always been the master of long-range, most efficient and flexible detectors in detecting everything that is valuable in the ground for the past 7 years. Through this successful scientific model, many prospectors and explorers around the world were able to reach their targets and achieve their will. Therefore, we are now putting in your hands the gold step pro max 2022, the completely new version, with new technologies and additions represented by newly invented technical means in our scientific laboratories.

Targets gold – gold ore – silver – bronze – copper – aluminum – iron – lead – tin – mercury – diamonds – emeralds – sapphire – water – voids and caves – precious metals and Custom mode Systems 3D Ground Scan System – Live Scan System – Long Range Locator System – ION Search System – Magneto Scan System
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BR 100 Pro

The BR 100 Pro, the new version, is a new, modern technology that combines detection systems from long distances and vertical detection of targets. This device is a very convenient option, We have developed this device and manufactured it in a way that makes it one of the most important reagents used among researchers and prospectors for treasures buried underground.

Targets Gold – Raw Gold – Silver – Bronze – Copper – Aluminum – Iron – Lead – Tin – Mercury – Diamonds – Emeralds – Sapphire – Water – Voids and Caves – Precious Metals and Custom mode Systems Long Range Locator System – ION Search System – Magneto Scan System
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ALPHA is equipped with the most modern and advanced systems specialized to detect and locate gold, treasures and metals places from long distances. This device contains high functions that enable the user to complete the exploration of his targets at the least time and effort possible.

Targets Gold, Gold nuggets, metals, treasures, Diamond and precious stones, cavity Systems Long-Range system (Manual) and Long-Range system (Automatic)
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Electra device works on scientific systems and advanced technologies with high level performance to detect diamond and gems underground for depths up to 100 meters.

Targets Diamond and gems types underground Systems Long-Range System (Manual) - Long-Range System (Automatic)
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The easiest, smallest, and fastest treasure detection The new and advanced device for detecting gold, treasures and voids, the Vigor device has modern features and characteristics that enable it to monitor underground targets accurately and effectively. The digital compass on the device screen that shows directions and the target direction as well.

Targets Gold, treasures and voids Systems Long-range search system, Sound system
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MF 1200 Active

Is a multi-detection systems device with several functions, it gives the explorer high-accurate results about the targets underground with locating points of drilling for target and the depth.

Targets gold, minerals, water, gemstone, diamonds, voids and cavities Systems Long range system – Ionic system
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The detector has 33 components The first of its kind and the most recent in the world to detect mineral wealth, precious stones and rarities in the ground, this device works on advanced detection and exploration techniques to detect and search for 33 different elements in the ground of gold, diamonds and mineral ores, this device has been greatly developed and is equipped with superior detection systems The visualization, and many experiments and tests were carried out in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, and achieved impressive successes and was a major reason for extracting tons of precious metals and rare gemstones.

Targets Gold - Diamond - Gold nuggets - Silver - Bronze - Copper - Aluminium - Lead - Tin - Nickel - Platinum - Mercury - Iron - Cave - Banknotes Systems Long-range search system, Sound system
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The GF-500 device works on the long distance sensing system (LDS), the advanced and built-in with acoustic identification systems to locate the path and point center of target. The GF-500 offers the high rigor frequency waves that enable it to identify and detection the target location underground, like a diamonds and gemstones meticulously where the device can locate the targets from 200 meters distance and an angle of 360 degrees with precise control feature at a horizontal distance search, where there are a several levels of search distance, the user can adjust according to their needs to the horizontal scan, the search depth in the GF-500 device can be reach until 10m underground with the possibility of precise control in search depth.

Targets Diamonds – Emerald – Meteorites – All Gemstones Systems Long-distance sensing system (LDS)
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MF 1500 Smart

This device Works on scientific techniques of special electronic character and by developed software and unique, multi-detection and exploration systems with the latest advanced and techniques to detect and locate the targets underground, it can detect the water upto 450 meter.

Targets Gold, Metal, diamonds and cavities Systems Handheld LRL – Line Tracker – Ionic detection system ( Acoustic )
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AJAX presents you the most powerful and accurate detection systems with advanced systems and software unprecedented, all this and more in Primero.

Targets Gold, Gold nuggets ,Metal, Treasures, Precious stones and Diamond , Cavity Systems The long-range search system (Manual), Long-range search system (Automatic), Ionic Long-Range system, Gradio smart system, Smart Pulse, Spectrum Analyzer, Live scan system, 3D ground scanner system and Geophysical Search System.
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BR 800 P

The Latest US device to detect gold, treasures, gems , burials and groundwater to a depth of 50 meters and 2000 meters as long distance. Made in USA with 3 warranty.

Targets Gold - Silver - Copper - Bronze - Iron - Lead - Aluminum - Diamond - Emerald - groundwater - Platinum - caves and voids Systems Long Range System
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