Gemstone detector – The GF500 device works on an advanced remote sensing system (LDS) that is integrated with an audio system for determining the path and center point of the target.

The GF 500 device is distinguished by its high accuracy of frequency waves, which enables it to identify and detect the locations of diamonds and precious stones underground with very extreme accuracy, as the device can determine the locations of targets from a distance of 200 meters in front at an angle of 360 degrees, with the feature of precise control over the forward search distance, as there are several levels. For front scanning, the user can adjust it according to his need for front scanning.

The search depth of the GF500 device reaches up to 10 meters below the surface of the earth, with the ability to precisely control the search depths from the device’s control interface. The device is characterized by its small size and ease of use, as it can be placed in a pocket and moved around with it comfortably and easily, as anyone can Use it without requiring significant experience or knowledge in detector devices.


Country of Origin


Maximum search depth

10 meters

Search distance

200 meters


diamonds and gemstones


long range

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