This device is specialized to reveal gold and depths of up to 3 meters with best specifications and features ever. Get it now with two searching coils at the best price. Made in USA



Maximum depth:

1.20 m


Gold and metals

Device systems:

Electromagnetic sound system

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• GPX5000 in our new standard in the field of detection technology for gold. With an amazing array of features and functionality superior to its predecessor, in the category of technology for the company , the multi-polar sensing technology available within the device allows the disclosure of gold in various sizes from very small pieces and even large volumes of gold and high accuracy
Been developed and modified this version and provide it with more features so that up to greater depths during the search process.
• This device has the features and functions unique winning an international patent, in addition to the control panel of the device features flexible and practical in use, the device also features the possibility to use on all types of terrain

• The device includes eight different modes of research in addition to the five conditions that are available in the previous device GPX4500 contains the new device on the situation revealed the following effects, detection and detection of pure gold alloys, gold alloys.
• Device is also equipped with more sophisticated features to look for jewelry and deeper
Easy to use for beginners and advanced in the field of metal detectors and gold

• This device is the appropriate choice if you are looking for multi-functional device to detect


• this device is to provide technologies that allow the device beeps and clear in the case of a goal of gold, whatever the size is small.

Eight conditions for the search:

• contain the current device on three additional conditions than the previous device which detect the effects and conditions of pure gold and mixtures Gold is allowed to use the device in many ways.

Detect the status of pure gold:

• This position allows the disclosure of pure gold ore great depth and sensitivity of high.
• Detect the status of gold in the saline areas: allow disclosure of this situation for gold in areas with relatively saline soil, as in the shores of the seas and oceans and other places.

Position detection of effects:

• this situation has been improved to make the device more sensitive to detect effects and old things archaeological and more easily.

Increase the depth and position:

• This position provides the possibility of the device detection to greater depths up to 3 meters.

High sensitivity of the device:

• the device has been enhanced sensitivity in order to determine more precisely the targets detected in the ground.

Automatic calibration of the soil:

• the device is set to perform automatic calibration of the soil regardless of soil type or layers within the earth.
Sound editing: There are new options within the device to adjust the volume or type, commensurate with personal use.

Property of cancellation of Iron:

• The development of this property in the event of cancellation of the desire to detect iron during the detection process.

Backlit screen:

• allows to see the screen of the device during the night or at any time during the day with automatic adjustment for lighting during daylight hours to provide various battery consumption.

Lightweight battery:

• lithium-type last for long working hours.

Two types of disks:

• are provided for multiple options to find the first type of DOUBLE – D measuring 11 inches and the second type of measure 11 inches MOMOLOP also to ensure that all search options possible and appropriate.


• English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic (Manual only)