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Hydro Tracker

Finding groundwater has become easier and more reliable, as Hydro Tracker features comprehensive and integrated search systems that give the user confidence and accuracy in results. Hydro Tracker device is equipped with a special unit to purify the signal, measure soil temperature and humidity, and send it to a high-performance data processor that gives the device the ability to complete the search process with accurate results at high speed.
Targets All types of groundwater
Systems Manual Scan - Auto Scan - Advanced Scan - 3D Ground Imaging
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The Tropic detector has the advantage of absolute and accurate discrimination between the types of underground targets and showing its type and identity, and Tropic has been provided with several detection systems. You can find all this and more in this smart device that allows you to scan quickly and easily with multilingual interfaces and great flexibility in use. The all-new Tropic device from AJAX, which is equipped with the advanced discrimination system. Finding gold is now easier than ever. Find gold nuggets, precious metals and burials with unparalleled ease.
Targets Gold nuggets - precious metals - burials
Systems EFM Discrimination System - EFM Graph - EFM Quick Scan
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The consideration of efficiency goes far beyond the depth concept, TROY Inspired By The Future. TROY provides precise measurements of target shape, size, type, and depth.
Targets Gold - Precious metals
Systems Gradiosmart - 3D Ground Imaging System
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This device works on a new techniques and modern electronic foundations that offer new concepts and dimensions in the world of ground imaging devices.
Targets Gold, metals, treasures and voids
Systems Gradio smart system, Live scan system and 3D ground scanner system
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Now with SEGMA it is possible to find targets that previously failed to find. Segma can detect up to 8 meters underground by the time many other devices can’t reach to these depths.
Targets Gold, metal, gold nuggets and voids
Systems Smart Pulse Systems - Spectrum Analyzer Systems
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ALPHA is equipped with the most modern and advanced systems specialized to detect and locate gold, treasures and metals places from long distances. This device contains high functions that enable the user to complete the exploration of his targets at the least time and effort possible.
Targets Gold, Gold nuggets, metals, treasures, Diamond and precious stones, cavity
Systems Long-Range system (Manual) and Long-Range system (Automatic)
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In order to provide the best detection standards with a long-range fixed-system detector, AJAX was produced IOTA, the most advanced among long-range ionic detection systems.
Targets Gold and Treasures from long distances
Systems Ionic Long-Range System
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Electra device works on scientific systems and advanced technologies with high level performance to detect diamond and gems underground for depths up to 100 meters.
Targets Diamond and gems types underground
Systems Long-Range System (Manual) - Long-Range System (Automatic)
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Omega device is the first long-range detector globally to detect and locate underground water places. If you are a farmer or if you work in drilling wells, Omega is the perfect solution.
Targets Underground water
Systems Long-Range System (Manual) – Long-Range System (Automatic) – Geophysical Search System
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AJAX presents you the most powerful and accurate detection systems with advanced systems and software unprecedented, all this and more in Primero.
Targets Gold, Gold nuggets ,Metal, Treasures, Precious stones and Diamond , Cavity
Systems The long-range search system (Manual), Long-range search system (Automatic), Ionic Long-Range system, Gradio smart system, Smart Pulse, Spectrum Analyzer, Live scan system, 3D ground scanner system and Geophysical Search System.
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