BR 700 Pro

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4 000$
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• For our customers , to all farm owners, companies and specialists in the field of water exploration and we are honored to put between your hands the latest and the best device among all devices of groundwater underground.

The new geophysical device – BR 700 PRO

• Where the device working with SRB new technology which is the latest and the best ever in groundwater and artesian wells exploration.
• That was made in (BR US) company to be in first place in the world, it was produced in professional ways and high quality and unique specifications which make it sophisticated and complete device to all searches and exploration of underground water.
• Through this device the user can determine the whereabouts of the water in the area to be scanned. And determine the best water points in this area.
• It has been provided with water depth knowledge feature, where you can determine the depth of the water detected directly on the screen
• It can also distinguish between fresh and salt and mineral water in case the water discovered, immediately it shows the water quality on the screen.

• The device has an LCD modern screen provided with operating program (Software) modern and easy to use.
• BR700-pro can discover to 700 meters as depth.
• It specifies the location of water and limit the strongest point of water within an area of ​​up to 1,000 square meters through cables attached.
• The device appears on the screen automatically and immediately type of water discovered (water quality fresh water – salt water – mineral water).
• Anyone can use this device with ease. Unlike some other devices that are difficult for some prospectors working on them.
• Signals and the accuracy of the device doesn’t affected by the rocky soil or sand or clay.
• This device is equipped with full integrated electronic system.
• The device works accurately at temperatures ranging from 20 degrees below zero to 55 degrees Celsius.
• It runs on 12-volt battery and operate for 12 hours.
• Light weight and ergonomic device.
• The machine is designed from high-quality electronic and durability of plastics.
• The device supports working languages: English and French.
• Made In USA.