WF 303 GH


Well drilling problems are over with this machine. WF-303 GH The latest in the world, Misses a lot of farmers and water prospectors for a sophisticated device that reducing the trouble of fatigue and random digging, and gives them accurate and certain results about the groundwater for digging wells.



Country of Origin:


Maximum depth:

1000 m

Long distance:

2000 m


Water underground

Device systems:

Long range and Geophysical system

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Search systems:

• Handheld LRL system: The advanced and all-new long-range search system with high sensitivity and advanced features, Automated tracking system for accurate tracking of the water point path, audio results and digital indicators on the screen, determines the point of drilling for water with precision, with full control of search properties and criteria, the depth of search up to 1000 meters, and covers a forward search distance of 2 km with accurate control of search coordinates.
• The user can be work on this system through a separate unit, take the search commands and settings by wireless from the main unit or even work on them separately and complete the settings directly from the unit, this system allowing the user to track the water direction accurately to determine the drilling point of water.
• Integrated data provided by this system, audio data, smart water location tracking system, track correction feature to track the water location to avoid drilling errors.
• The user can set the search criteria in advance according to the search requirements:
• The user can choose the type of water to be detected in advance: Natural fresh water – Mineral water – Salty water – and all types of water.
– Can be set the search distance level in advance: 100m – 250m – 500m – 750m – 1000m – 1500m – 2000m.
– Can be set the search depth level in advance: 50m – 100m – 250m – 450m – 600m – 800m – 1000m.

ام اف 1200 اكتيف ام دبليو اف كشف الذهب الفضة النحاس البرونز الالماس الزمرد النيازك الاحجار الكريمة الجواهر الفراغات المياه الجوفية

Geophysical Search System:

• Geophysical Search System: Geophysical System with (VES) technology, which has unprecedented features for automatic detection of water quality and density, determination of drilling point, depth measurement automatically, and determination of soil type as well.
• Advanced algorithms and software to detecting and analyzing the ground to detect groundwater and to determine its locations and proportions.
• This system scans the entire research area at breakneck speed and provides a detailed report about groundwater the presence points and values.
• The depths up to 1000 m, with automatic measurement of the level of water depth.
• Provided with 4 Cord reel cable with 4 electro-rods (Probes), covering an area of 1250 square meters.
• This system provides the user with a complete report after completing the scanning, according to the following:
– Water type: The water type is automatically detected if it is fresh water, salty water or mineral water.
– Water depth: The depth of the water is automatically detected and shows the level of water depth, for example between 420 meters and up to 520 meters.
– Water density: This result shows the density and quantity of water in percentages that inform the user about the abundance of water detected and the extent of continuity.
– Highest value: This result shows the highest value of groundwater flow between research electrodes.
– Cavities: This result shows whether there are cavities in the drilling area or not.

• The main unit of the device (the controller).
• 4 Electro-rods (Probes) to connecting electrical energy to the soil.
• 4 Dynamic cord reel cable.
• Connection wires for geophysical system
• Wireless connection antenna.
• Ground transmitter unite, For LRL system.
• Handheld LRL Units + Transceiver antenna + Grip.
• Device Plastic Case (Anti-shock)
• Electric charger.
• 3-year warranty card.
• User’s Guide.
• Tutorial DVD.