Segma + Spark nugget + Pen pointer

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AED 22,357
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  • Segma
  • Spark nugget
• The best metal detector in the world working on two highly efficient systems to detect gold and minerals.
• AJAX detector technology has developed a new pulse induction system for metal detectors, to new levels rather than other devices in the market, in addition to ease of use the system to obtain immediate results to maximum depths.
• Now with SEGMA device it is possible to detect and find targets that previously failed to find. This device can detect up to 8 meters underground by the time many other devices can’t reach to these depths. SEGMA can response to the targets immediately and shows its results, and it has a high-definition interface that allows the user to work on the device easily without any complications that exhaust the search process and make it complex.
• The ease of use which is in SEGMA makes it flexible, fast-moving, configurable device, and is very powerful to show and display results. It works through two different detection systems in results and data.
1- Smart Pulse.
2- Spectrum Analyzer.

• Specialist Spark Gold Nugget to detected and search for gold nuggets underground, with very great accuracy.
• A system of send and receive the signal, the advanced and accurate (HSW), which is unique to the MWF Group, through the studies and modern development processes in the signal form and loaded on a paths of High sensitivity waves.
• Embedded system for sensing and detection, where the device can detect the targets through heading towards to target and is accompanied by acoustic alarm indicator towards the target.
• Internal signal filtering systems, to avoid any unexpected errors that by isolating all resulting signals from the magnetic effects of soil and metallic rocks.
• Automatic Tuning System (ATS) works with all types of terrain and rocky soil, mountainous, sandy and clay.
• High quality and accurately performance, manufacturing this product by best elastomers, electronic components and circuits with international standards.
• Supported this device with simply control panel, with the interface works with buttons keys and LEDs, enables the user to controlling and setting the device to search easily, the control panel consists of the following:
• ON/OFF button• Volume adjust button
• Target selection type button
• Depth range selection button
• Distance range selection button
• Control in 5 sound level modes in addition a silent or vibrator mode.
• LEDs indicator of search and signal, and consists of three levels.
• LEDs indicator of battery levels, and consists of 3 levels shows the battery level.
• LEDs interface showing the selected search modes like the target type, depth, and distance.
• Targets, all sizes of gold nuggets optionality list: Tiny – Small – Medium – Big.
• Search depth, optional list and start from 0m and up to the selected depth: 1m – 3m – 5m – 7m – 10m.
• Search distance, optional list and start from 0m and up to the selected depth: 25 m – 50 m – 100 m – 150 m – 200 m.
• Easy to work and to use anyone can use it.
• The Device is characterized by its small size, where it can be placed in the pocket and move at munificence.
• Lightweight, which helps the user work done without effort or fatigue.

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