SDC 2300


This device is a high-performance detector and very ideal to explore small pieces of gold with a weight of at least one gram and above ground and underwater to 1 meters depth



Maximum depth:

1 m


Gold and metals

Device systems:

Electromagnetic sound system

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SDC 2300 Find elusive sub-gram nuggets on land & underwater! The SDC 2300 is a high performance mid-range gold detector, perfect for chasing down those elusive sub-gram nuggets on land and underwater. This compact waterproof detector comes with easy-to-use controls and is assembly-free.
• Quickly find more gold patches and more gold nuggets! This amazing SDC 2300 was field tested by Minelab professional testers in real gold fields (heavily mineralised) and delivered proven results.”SDC 2300 strikes gold in field test land previously hunted by another (brand) midrange machine” – Minelab field tester
• Folds to small portable size, 8.5” (216mm) by 15.7” (400mm). Fits into carry-on luggage and most backpacks.
Waterproof Capability
• Fully submersible to 10’ (3m) for detecting riverbeds and shorelines, allowing you to transition with ease from land to water.
Rugged & Assembly Free
• Military grade construction, one piece detector designed to perform in the toughest conditions. No assembly required.
Easy Patch Hunting
• Search quickly and efficiently in hard to reach and remote places to find those elusive gold bearing clustered deposits.

Steve – California, USA

“Like a kid at Christmas I tore the box open and lifted out my new toy – a Minelab SDC 2300 detector. There is not a box full of parts to assemble, just this little detector all folded up, and nothing quite prepares a person for just how small the SDC 2300 is the first time you see it.”

Dave – VIC, Australia

«“It was found in an area that we have been using for training in the Whipstick Forest (Bendigo) for the last 15 years – The piece weighed 0.05 grams and was recovered at a depth of about 2 inches… Fantastic machine – It will open up all of the old fields that were previously thought worked out»

hris – California, USA

“I ran it over some spots with nasty ground mineralization and it just ignored the ground and the hot rocks – but it didn’t ignore the gold. I ended up with 8 nuggets for 2.7 grams on the first day out with the SDC, and 6 nuggets for 2.1 grams on the second day..“

Steve – California, USA

“I’m not going to claim nothing else would have found it but this little 0.67 gram piece is the sort of gold the SDC was made for and it banged out loud and clear at a few inches.”

Jonathan – QLD, Australia

This new “Super Detector” from Minelab will be living permanently behind the seat of my 4×4, just waiting to be unfolded and let loose on those unsuspecting gold “nugglets”.