Royal analyzer pro


Imaging detector for gold and burials The latest 3D underground, so now you can see your targets through direct imaging program to 35 M as depth.


BR Systems

Country of Origin:


Maximum depth:

35 m


Gold - Metals - Treasures and Voids


English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Persian and Arabic

Device systems:

Direct ultrasound – 3D imaging – Digital voice detection(Live Graphic) – metal detector and voids – 3D storage – 2D imaging

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Royal analyzer is miracle of the times and the best technology for 2020

• Royal Analyzer with imaging system the best and most appropriate system for all prospectors and gold seekers, minerals and treasures and more accurate device for prospecting and exploration companies in the world.

Royal analyzer of the new version 2020

• It has been working to develop and modernize the Royal Analyzer device to be the first and best device in the world of 3D imaging devices. Many programs and features have been added to the device to be always in the forefront of superior technology appropriate for all prospectors and explorers.
• You can now own the Royal Analyzer with the latest newly version of the US BR factory with better performance and more dynamic engineering design.

Modern imaging technology in The Royal Analyzer

• BR US System Corporation has amazing inventions in the field of Industrial metal detector underground and became scientific products exploratory is the best-selling and widely used in the world, high expertise and designs typical that make success and provide high-quality scientific machine that needed by all explorers and amateur and exploration companies for gold and burials underground .. BR System are still mystified us by all new products every year and its produced for us the latest products, which were the product of years of experience, and hard work which is (The Royal Analyzer).
• Get the modern technology for the detection of gold, valuables and treasures those buried underground. Now with confidence we announce that we have the best detector in the world ROYAL ANALYZER. and this imaging detector is the strongest and best the in the world unchallenged or competitor, this device is provided with all characteristics and features that may be needed by the Prospectors and treasures explorers, ranking first among imaging topographic and geological systems globally. Mechanical design that is modern and comfortable has the big reason in the ease of use of the device and its mobility. In addition to 3d & 2d professional imaging systems that can appear shapes of funds and voids and minerals underground naturally and directly. Dear prospectors we are pleased to say for you with confidence, now you can locate your treasures exactly with ROYAL ANALYZER, which is the result of 10 years of scientific experiments.

Six exploratory operating systems with one device

The manufacturer has supplied the Royal Analyzer with its new version with several additional operating systems:
1) Direct ultrasound system which allows the user to walk and search the device and the system works to scan and photograph the layers of the earth and show them directly and animated on the screen.
2) 3D imaging system to identify and accurately detect burials and voids underground and show them in the form of stereoscopic as close to the forms of the targets discovered with clarification of the depths and sizes and quality of the target detected.
3) Digital voice detection system.
4) A system of metal detector and voids, which provides the user to scan the area initially to determine the locations of existing targets.
5) 3D storage system for the possibility of detecting the device and storing scans in the internal memory of the device.
6) 2D imaging system.

Features and characteristics

• Modern & scientific machine that is specializes in exploration and scanning land to discover sites and placements burials, minerals and treasures and voids underground.
• Exact distinction between the types of targets underground (Clarify the type of target detected).
• Mechanical design that is modern and perfect, will give you simply of carry the device without any need for multiple people to use it.
• It provided with a modern crystal screen installed on the device through which to choose the type of programs to be used to search.
• Is provided with screen Tablet HD with research and analysis programs installed on them, device can be used with scans up to 7 hours continuously…
• Multiple 3D & 2D programs with integrated results, and graphical illustrations of the levels of research and targets, and determine the depth of the target, with great accuracy.
• Device carrying handle (foldable) with power button and navigation buttons.
• Advanced wireless headphones.
• The device works on a battery capacity of 5 volts enable it to work for 7 hours + feature to know the percentage of battery.
• Made in USA.
• Three years warranty.

The depths of the device are shown in the table

Depth Target type – with examples
35 m Closed rooms – basements – caves voids and tunnels
32 m Metals and burials (Gold coins fund – jar – sword – statue)
18 m Coins and small pieces (gold & silver pieces – broze pieces – rings)

• The device works on the imaging and analysis software developer and is installed on the main screen of the device and through this program we can do imaging and storage of the captured pictures and filming the earth layers direct imaging operations. The company worked manufactured in America to design your device Royal Analyzer in professional and sophisticated manner with imaging program hasn’t preceded by the latest in that .. as it was designed to be easy to use at the same time in order to be able and ordinary junior people to use this device with ease and simplicity and to do the work of filtration and clarification images discovered very easily and in a short time and without the need of a lot of connections, programming and other things that prolong the exploration time and confusion when the user raises the person is the first program and the latest version of the analytical graphic programs. It can analyze the captured images clearly and with high precision. He can materialize the objectives of underlying and analysis as it is and show it directly on the screen and make it easier for the user to know the type of the detected target that was a jar of gold or fund or a cave or crypt or coins etc. Also, possible to measure the depth of the target and know the beginning and the end for example: target depth of 8 meters begins and ends at 10 meters.
• The ROYAL ANALYZER in new version was produced according to the opinions of experts who have good skills in operations research and exploration. This device has extraordinary specifications in terms of strength and durability.

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