Works on GPS – geophysical surveys to detect metal and caves, tombs and underground water and artesian wells , two years warranty


GDI Detectors

Country of Origin:


Maximum depth:

33 m


Gold, minerals, water and voids

Device systems:

Geophysical system

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QUATROFORCE advances over other 4 probe detectors :

• MORE POWER…QUATROFORCE 110 volts “carrier wave” underground signal , scans deeper to ensure that no target left hidden
SMART HI TECH MICROPROCESSOR ANALYSER Analog meters, LED bars, scale knobs from competitor locators belong to the past. QUATROFORCE color LCD reads and displays graphically resistivity TARGET ID values. Also with audio alarm for precious metals. LCD reacts instant and automatic. No manual scales to select, no HI / LO bands, no Target Response Lamps that burn out. QUATROFORCE is a serious yet simple detector without bells and whistles

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK CONSIDERED We listen to the customer complains about geophysical locators, that often indicate wetness and large mineral concentrations erratically as gold / precious metals. Now on the QUATROFORCE you can offset the “GROUND ADJUST” to reject those false gold readings, and set any bad environment to read like normal soil
SIMPLE, SPEED UP, USER INTERFACE Automatic Test Probe Push Buttons instead of switches. Total 6 push buttons for the 6 pairs of probes that are positioned to the ground on a square pattern. No need for extra Bank Switches to isolate the diagonal from the side probe pairs when scanning
FUNCTION CHECK Internal programmed Target Dummy Loads for Gold and Iron, are used for testing. No need to carry external load testers that connect to the probe jacks. Push the “TEST GOLD” & “TEST IRON” buttons, and check TARGET ID, to assure that QUATROFORCE operates according to specifications
QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Durable, laser cut stainless steel panel fixed into a waterproof carry case

QUATROFORCE smart color LCD: Push the “Probe Test Buttons” and determine target location within a 5022 square meter area! We have taken the 4 probe geophysics locator design into the microprocessor age ! With a backlight LCD analyses accurately voids, water, minerals, iron, gold & precious metals with color segments and TARGET ID values. What’s more with QUATROFORCE? there are not any adjustments for the user to worry about, no complex operation, nothing to tune. QUATROFORCE geophysical locator is all automatic. Simply power on and start scanning the underground. Microprocessor accuracy and simplicity in electronic geophysics for everybody to use. Push the Probe Test Buttons for instant location / detection of treasures up to 33 meters depth.

QUATROFORCE concept theory: QUATROFORCE is a scientific geophysical locator for the detection of treasures, gold, metals, minerals, caves – voids – tombs, subsurface water etc. QUATROFORCE emits a powerful electrical signal and scans the total electrical resistance of the ground using 4 ground probes, that are hammered into the soil on a square or rectangular pattern. The results are displayed on a color LCD as graphics and TARGET ID values. Underground electrical resistance changes with factors like water, metals or caves. QUATROFORCE LCD analyses targets to these categories: caves/voids, inert ground, water, minerals, iron, gold / precious metals. For a successful detection a metal target needs to have a mass about 3 kg or more. Small coins or equal sized surface targets that trouble metal detectors are not located. That feature is useful for the detection of treasures in depth, as there is no interference from the small and near the surface trash metal objects. It is a truly scientific tool for archaeology, mining industries, geology and treasure hunting, that can be used by just one operator. The most efficient geophysical locator requires not any training nor any experience. Comes with a 12 V / 7,2 Ah battery and a handy fast in-out power supply connector and charger on a watertight case. The QUATROFORCE “Carrier wave” signal transmits underground from 2 probes at a time, to 6 directions , on a square or rectangular pattern, like on the examples 1,2,3 & 4 shown below.