GPX 4500

A specialist device to detect all kinds of gold with the subtle distinctions between them also is easy to use to depths of up to 2 meters. Get the original now with two years warranty



Maximum depth:

1 m


Gold - metals

Device systems:

Electromagnetic sound system

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• Stronger and more versatile to use than ever before, a GPX 4500 is collected to provide the latest technology to detect levels of gold than other manufacturers. The SETA system use technology in addition to the multi-polarity detection technology provided by the company, make use of this device a real experience with high interest rates and guaranteed.

• It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional programmer GPX4500 apparatus in advance to secure the best results of automatic calibration and determine the type of target with precision and ease, which makes this device one of the best gold detectors in the world.
• Enjoy this device with improved features to distinguish between minerals with the abolition of the property revealed iron during the search process in addition to the effectiveness for the detection of large targets no matter how small.
• Has shown excellent results for the device of the effectiveness of advanced technology that was built upon


• the most advanced technology to detect metal, gold under the ground no matter how small the size of the depth of up to 2 meters

Status Search:

• the device has been modified to add more of different settings to suit the different possibilities during the process of research and gives a greater sensitivity to detect goals, whether small or large and high accuracy.

Six ways to search:

• the device is available in 6 different types of research methods to suit all eventualities can be used as the amendment to these methods to suit the way your own research.
• Automatic calibration of the soil: the device has the advantage of automatic calibration of the soil so as to ensure highly effective during the search process and all types of soils, whether rock or sand or salt or mud.

Backlight of the screen:

• containing the device screen backlight on to be able to read the information screen at night or in dark places quite easily. With the possibility to adjust the lighting to preserve battery power for the longest possible period
Volume Control: provides the possibility of multiple choices in the control and modification on the size of the sound fits with the nature of your research is also equipped with the device filters the sound from external influences so as to ensure accurate results when issuing sound indicative of the presence of the target.

• the properties of the device has been improved to be able to distinguish metal more and more accurate and to separate targets from other objects that may be overlapping with it provides the accuracy of the results.


• The speakers are contained within the device allows the user to hear the signals goals more easily because of the use of high quality materials provide a clean and clear and Itoir noise or external factors.


• Lithium-type lightweight, and lasts for long working hours.