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MF 60

150 $
A new waterproof metal detector from MWF Company. The MF POINTER device (MF 60) is a portable waterproof point metal detector with a modern and distinctive design, small in size and easy to use. The MF-60 device is designed for use in conjunction with professional metal detectors to reach very small targets. It is accurate and can also be used alone to find superficial targets and lost items.
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Scuba Tector

327 $
Scuba Tector Metal Detector features pulse induction (PI) technology and a 5×4” mono coil, allowing for high levels of sensitivity and penetration depth not found in other models.
The Quest Scuba Tector also enables you to search underwater up to 200 feet (60 meters) with its submersible waterproof housing.
The underwater design is great for finding underwater historical relics, rings, gold bracelets and more!
Even with its subaquatic searching technological capabilities, the Scuba Tector remains functional and lightweight, The easy-to-hold body of the Scuba Tector offers hunters stability and comfort while detecting.
Featuring a industry first “Dive Mode”, users hold the two buttons for 2 seconds on the Scuba Tector for function while underwater.
A red light will flash five times and vibration will begin. Quickly depress the Mode button 3 times to switch back to shallow water hunting mode.
If you are a detectorist that hunts both on dry land and underwater, the Quest Scuba Tector Metal Detector will be a great addition!
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Pro Pointer AT

250 $
Fully Waterproof to 20 feet with orange color for added visibility underwater, Fast Retune: Quick button press instantly tunes out the environment or narrows your detection field for precise pinpointing of large targets.
includes a woven belt holster and a 9-volt battery, LED flashlight for low light uses, Ruler in Inches and Centimeters molded into the side of pinpointer to judge target depth.
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